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Angie Castaneda, RN
PMC Bariatric Solutions Coordinator

Nurse Manger at PMC Since 2008

4023 Reas Lane
New Albany, IN 47150
Direct Line: 812-206-9509

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Bariatric Surgery... An Affordable Weight Loss Option
No one can put a price tag on your health. Once you consider having Bariatric surgery, you will need to determine the best payment option for you. Keep in mind that significant weight loss provides a reduction in household expenses and ongoing medical costs, resulting in a net savings over time. Your insurance company or provider may cover your upcoming Bariatric Procedure. If not, you will find Physicians’ Medical Center offers very affordable flat rate, private pay options. Whatever financial route you chose to take, our team will work with you to determine the most affordable option for your individual needs.

These include:

Cash Pay Program

This is an all-inclusive option. We can work with you to set up a pre-surgical payment plan or you can pay the full amount just prior to your surgery.

Healthcare Financing Options

Our skilled staff can assist you with financing options provided by several services that specialize in lending for healthcare needs.

Loan Through Your Personal Bank

Financing through your local bank is another option. It is best to compare lending rates at your local bank to those offered by Healthcare Lending services.

Home Equity Loan

Many homeowners use home equity credit lines for medical bills. This is another option you can explore with your local bank.

Credit Cards

Depending upon your line of credit, using your credit card for partial payment is another option. Again, we recommend you evaluate all borrowing options to find the best rates available.

Assistance From Family & Friends

Bariatric surgery can help you gain a healthier life and reduce your household and ongoing medical expenses. Many patients find assistance from those closest to them.

Contact Angie Castenada, Bariatrics Solutions Coordinator to Discuss Which Option Best Suits Your Budget

Just call 812-206-9509 to set up an appointment to review your financing options.

PMC Regional Hospital Bariatric procedures are the most economically priced in the Region

Our Program Fees

Program Evaluation Fee = $500*

* Applied towards all inclusive procedure fee if you proceed with surgery.

All inclusive fees:

  • Gastric Banding $13,900
    Fee includes all hospital costs, physician fee, anesthesia fees, & follow up adjustments for 6 months or 3 adjustments whichever comes first
  • Gastric Sleeve $14,500
    Fee includes all hospital costs, physician fee, & anesthesia fees

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